Viettel Offsite Studio

Viettel Offsite Studio






Hoa Lac High-Tech Park, Thach That District, Hanoi


1,472 m2

Principal Architect:

Vo Trong Nghia

Design team:

Marek Obtulovic, Nguyen Van Thu


Viettel Group


Hiroyuki Oki

The building was designed to be an iconic architecture, leading and welcoming visitors to the Viettel training area. Built more than 30 meters high concrete walls, visually highlighted on the green background of the forest, it can easily be recognized and attracts visitors to the impressive beauty of its building form.

These concrete walls are arranged into V-corners, which create open views to the central lake of the area. In the context of Vietnam, conference and meeting rooms are often designed into closed spaces, dislocated the outside world.There were reasons for this particular idea, such as lighting system requirements or sound isolation issues. However, reports on the studying of habits indicate that people in Vietnam prefer to discuss behind closed doors.
With a desire to improve the introverted working conditions, Viettel Telecom investors want to have an open, connected meeting and learning space, where people can meet, connect, study, exchange, or discuss ideas. This leads to the idea of having a smaller pocket of spaces that immerses into nature for them to enjoy and relax. By presenting an impressive architectural exterior and the openness of the interiors toward the surrounding environment, the building has inspired people to connect and be creative. 

Construction technology in Vietnam is still underdeveloped that the construction of large concrete walls with cross-beveled details is challenging and defective. However, with an effort to create a new, iconic structure, the building has been successfully built and operated accordingly.


Word Architecture Festival/ Winner [Category: Office – Future Projects]/ Viettel Offsite Studio

LOOP Design Awards/ Winner [Category: Architecture- Offices] / Viettel Offsite Studio

Architecture Masterprize/ Winner [Category: Educational Buildings]/ Viettel Offsite Studio