Vedana Resort

Vedana Resort


Under construction




Cuc Phuong village, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh provinve, Vietnam

Site are:


Principal Architect:

Vo Trong Nghia


Cuc Phuong Tourism Service JSC


VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects)

Vedana Resort is a luxury resort situated at the edge of the Cuc Phuong National Park, a famous tourist attraction site in the North of Vietnam. The resort is designed with a central lake of 4.2 hectares, surrounded by 135 villas and a central core of services that include: a 1300m2 bamboo restaurant, 8 bungalows and 5 Condotel complexes with more than 225 rooms. Developing this project to become a forest of flowers, combined with the existing diverse ecosystem at place at Cuc Phuong, we hope to bring new experience to the guests who visit all over the world.

The lake is crystal clear like emerald; its main source is mountain cracks down below ground, which is a special feature of the land here in Cuc Phuong and which serves a Feng Shui role to the site. Surrounded by 5000 different types of flowers that are all year round and exclusive to the area, this resort will bring about a new special ecosystem that will awake people’s senses when visiting here. In here there is the vibrant color of different types of plants, the magnificence of the surrounding mountainous areas, and the irresistible scent of blooming flowers when the season comes. All of this, together with the services provided by the resort, will bring the visiting guests closer to nature and unique experience. 
Not only the landscape but the flower forest concept is also cultivated in the design of the architecture.
With villas, we design the roof with a reasonable slope to ensure easy drainage and to make it easier to plant different kinds of flowers, vegetables, and plants there, to the villa owners’ liking and choice. The landscape design of the villas is also given special attention: plants and flowers are allocated appropriately.
Additionally, simplicity is the language of architecture. Simplicity also adds functionality to the villa. Two-story four-bedroom villas are designed to function independently with different approaches: guests on the second floor can get to their room without disturbing guests on the first floor. This functionality allows the villa owners to rent out their house easily, bringing the most to them economically. 
Another focal point of the project is the green wall, made five Condotels. On the one side, we have a floral bed with plethora of flowers and plants. On the other, we have Cuc Phuong’s ecosystem and that of the five vertical green Condotels.   

We have designed all services in this resort that include a bamboo restaurant, and bamboo bungalows with a special aim to give each a unique touch, to make them all special pieces of architecture. Altogether, this resort will be a special attraction site for visitors all over the world to come here and learn about the diverse ecosystem of Cuc Phuong, about how to nurture a new ecosystem such as one that we elaborately created and about a special architectural complexes.