Viettel Academy Educational Center

Viettel Academy Educational Center






Thach That, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Site are:



2,651 m2

Principal Architect:

Vo Trong Nghia

Design team:

Ngo Thuy Duong, Do Minh Thai, Do Huu Tam


Viettel Group


Hiroyuki Oki, VTN Architects

With an innovative design concept, Viettel Academy is one of the largest modern constructions built by raw bricks in Vietnam. 

Brick is a well-known local material and easily sourced at a reasonable price. When constructed with thoughtful design intentions and careful calculation inputs, there are many ways to create numerous unique patterns with the rustic textured material. Generally, brick walls are built of double layers with an air space in between to provide thermal insulation. In particular, the Viettel Academy^s wall was constructed with a concave-convex brick combination. Not only does the exterior layers bring beauty to the project but it also creates wall surfaces to cast shadows, reducing the amount of solar radiation and noise. Creating these aesthetic brick walls was not an easy task as it requires thoroughness and refinement skillful builders. However, Vietnam always offers an affordable skilled labor force that is experienced with raw brick construction.

Twelve blocks of building alternating between breezy green gardens are all linked by a large concrete roof system. Horizontal and vertical corridors system  creates together a rich interweaving of spatial dimensions and offers many interesting views. The water pond system, which is located in the center of the building, acts as a reflected surface to emphasize the aesthetic of the brick material as well as produces a microclimate and cooling effects for the building. These harmonious design aspects form a unique semi-outdoor space for the occupants to enjoy and interact.

Not only does the innovative design meet the requirements of the investors, but also achieved a high expectation by harmonizing architecture and its natural surroundings. 



Word Architecture Festival/ Highly Commended [Category: Education – Future Projects]/ Viettel Academy Educational Center

Dezeen Awards/ Winner [Catetogy: Civic Building of the year]/ Viettel Academy Educational Centre

National Architecture Awards/ Silver/ Viettel Academy Education Center

LOOP Design Awards/ Winner [Category: Public Buildings & Institutional] / Viettel Academy Educational Center

FuturArc Green Leadership Award/ Merit [Category: Institution]/ Viettel Academy Educational Center

World Architecture Community Awards 36th Cycle/ Winner [Category: Architecture Realised]/ Chicland Hotel

World Architecture Community Awards 37th Cycle/ Winner [Category: Architecture Realised]/ Viettel Academy Educational Center

ARCASIA Awards for Architecture/ Honorary Mention[Category B3 - Institutional Buildings]/ Viettel Academy Educational Centre

Architecture Masterprize/ Best of best [Category: Educational Buildings]/ Viettel Academy Educational Center