Nanoco Head Office

Nanoco Head Office






Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Site are:




Principal Architect:

Vo Trong Nghia, Tran Thi Hang

Design team:

Nobuhiro Inudoh, Tran Vo Kien, Kai Echigo


Fortune Electric Corporation


Hiroyuki Oki

Located in an emerging quarter in Binh Thanh District, Nanoco Head Office expresses the strong identity of Fortune Electric Corporation.

The building was formed by alternately stacking glass boxes, creating terraces through shifted edges of the box to accommodate trees. This facade functions as a filter, optimizing the microclimate and light conditions. During daytime, it diffuses direct sunlight, maintaining an ideal luminous environment for the interior. On the contrary, at night, the exterior resembles a lantern with illuminating quality. The thick-glazed glass blocks reduce thermal transmission, which reduce more energy consumption comparing to a typical glazed facade. Taking into ac the high density surrounding in the near future, these glass function as a blur and calm barrier to the outside, while the trees provide a tranquil ambiance.
The showroom occupies the first four stories, while offices are on the upper six. Instead of a generic showroom, the client asked for a communal area to serve as a platform for creative community and activity. Thus, spaces were designed on an open floor plan, featuring several unique architectural elements. The entrance with a extensive opening reveals activities inside, attracting people passing by. Entering this entrance reveals a multi-functional zone where various events and exhibitions could be held.. A large vertical void connects all showrooms with curved staircases, creating a never-ending space.

Under the rapid-developing economy, Vietnamese cities suffer the lack of long-term vision and the persuade of quality of life through urban interventions. However, the lack of controlled and sustainable planning affects full economic potential and leaves a great impact on the environment. The aim of the project was to improve its maintenance and quality of construction, aiming for durability that could last for hundreds of years.

Greenery, one of the most significant features of VTN Architects’ design, is also a response to a wider urban context. In the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the green coverage ratio is only 0.25%, which is remarkably low in comparison to other Asian metropolitans. This lack of greenery is affecting people’s everyday life with record-breaking high air temperature and pollution. Accordingly, not only does this design provide a comfortable working environment but also encourages others to design towards a harmony between human and nature. The building presents an exemplary architecture for sustainable development.


Architecture Masterprize/ Winner [Category: Commercial Architecture]/ Nanoco Head Office