The Administration Building of FPT University in Hanoi

The Administration Building of FPT University in Hanoi






Lang Hoa Lac, Hanoi, Vietnam



Principal Architect:

Vo Trong Nghia

Design team:

Vu Hai, Ngo Thuy Duong, Tran Mai Phuong


Ha Noi FPT Uninversity


Hiroyuki Oki, Hoang Le

The FPT Administration belongs to the first phase of long-term planning to raise the competitiveness of the Eco-conscious university. The building acts as a gateway to the campus with a green façade clearly dictating the future direction of the campus. Since FPT University offers Information Technology (IT)-related courses, the campus is designed to maintain a healthy balance between the virtual and physical environment, as well as ensuring the students^ relationship with nature. The FPT Technology building is flexible to use, and it can adjust to various needs that might change in the future.
In response to the frequent energy shortages on the site, a passive design was proposed for the building to function on minimal generated backup power during blackouts. A shallow plan allows natural light into the interior, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Greenery in front of each opening operates as a layer to reduce the amount of radiation heat. The building is orientated to the prevailing breezes to employ cross ventilation for cooling. 
The façade is composed of simple modules that express the simplicity of sustainable design. The structure is based on an affordable concrete construction principle. The standardized modules allow us for faster construction and eventually save the budget for a high-quality interior finish.
The increased urbanization and densification of Vietnamese cities are having a large impact on urban vegetation. Due to the current situation, the building design ensures exposure of greenery and maintaining the connection with nature for the students in work and academic environment. The greenery in each room and outdoor gardens create a sense of constant connection with nature. The green landscape is also integrated at the top of the building to form a public stepped garden.  This constant reference and experience of the natural environment help raise the occupants^ awareness about the benefits of sustainable design.


World Architecture Festival/ Winner [Category: Education- Future Projects]/ The Administration Building of FPT University in Hanoi

Spec Go Green Awards/ Winner [Category: Young Architect]/ The Administration Building of FPT University in Hanoi

Green Good Design Awards/ Winner/ The Administration Building of FPT University in Hanoi

Award of Vietnam Association of Architects/ Gold [Category: Vietnam Green Architecture]/ The Administration Building of FPT University in Hanoi

World Architecture Community Awards 42th Cycle/ Winner [Category: Architecture Realised]/ FPT University Ha Noi