Stacking Planters Stage

Stacking Planters Stage




Pavilion of performances


Nantou, China

Site are:



Shenzhen Bowan Design Co.,Ltd


VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects)

Ho Chi Minh, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta… Asian cities, in the face of development, are experiencing high levels of pollution and a lack of greenery. It is also becoming more common for a building’s life to very short. These buildings often become ugly and dirty looking only after a few years of completion. Through this, we want to create a green space for the people of Nantou. We find it important to showcase no matter how small the project, it can be connected to nature. The pavilion will be a way for the city-dwellers to experience a small piece of nature within their busy lives. They will be able to experience the softness of light, the brush of wind and the sounds of rain overhead in this small oasis. Thus, we hope this pavilion will inspire people to greenify their own homes and workplace.